• Whew Baby, it's HOT outside!

    Welcome Summer!  You've roared in with heat wave after heat wave, here in Southeast Texas.  The grass is crispy and car seats set our legs on fire, sweat evaporates before there's a chance for it to cool you.  We are thirsty... but, we play!  We Must Play! 
  • In the moment

    We have many, many conversations about our goals, hopes and disc golf dreams.  We have so many ideas and not enough time to accomplish them all.  O...
  • Happenstance

    Oh what a night!  As the title suggests, it all just kinda happened that way.  On a Monday, while shooting the breeze about the upcoming Tuesday ni...
  • The Houston Ladies Invitational 2022

  • You just never know what the day will bring

    Today was a great day. World Champion disc golfer Scott Stokely stopped in Hi Rev Discs.  He was searching for a beach thrower. He checked out a Ze...