Whew Baby, it's HOT outside!

Welcome Summer!  You've roared in with heat wave after heat wave, here in Southeast Texas.  The grass is crispy and car seats set our legs on fire, sweat evaporates before there's a chance for it to cool you.  We are thirsty... but, we play!  We Must Play! 

Yes friends, we are a bunch with true grit and love for the elements and outdoors.  We stand on tree roots, climb into thorned bushes and swim with alligators.  You name it, we've done it, all for saving the precious plastic and not losing a stroke.  We freeze in the winter, enjoy the fall and spring and sweat in the summer.  

Here we find ourselves in the summertime but this year, the high heat has come early and there's a lack of rain, causing extreme drought in the area.  We usually experience 3 days of temperatures reaching 100 degrees and above and that usually doesn't occur until after July 18th.  This year is different.  We've broken high temperature records daily.  Our first 100-degree reading was in June and there's been half a dozen more.

I've personally pushed myself to play in the heat and thankfully, someone recognized signs that I was overheating, early.  I am a daily 64oz plus water drinker and this did not prepare me for the exhaustive heat.  100 degrees in the shade is dangerous for everyone not used to that kind of environment.  Our bodies are unable to regulate temperature properly.  Thankfully, all ended well, and I was able to recover.  I think of those that may not be as fortunate and I hope my disc golf family takes it a little easier playing rounds this HOT summer!




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