In the moment

We have many, many conversations about our goals, hopes and disc golf dreams.  We have so many ideas and not enough time to accomplish them all.  Often we find ourselves planning our first event without anything coming from it.  
We don’t have X or Y, etc., the list goes on as to us defeating ourselves before we start. We’re not living in the moment. 
Last Friday we found ourselves discussing our first event again. I found myself looking into UDisc and what it would take to publish one.  It turned out to be fairly straight forward so I posed the question.  What day of the week do we want to run a mini?  We discussed the local happenings and decided on Sunday’s. I asked if we were ready to start on that Sunday and he said “yes”.  I published the mini. 
Sunday funday came quickly!  We gathered the clipboard, sign up sheets and pens.  We loaded up our gear and headed out to the park.  We had no idea if anyone saw our event or if anyone would come.  We agreed it didn’t matter.  We’d go, hang out for sign ups and play a round.  We would spread the word for the next Sunday. Yes, we considered it was Mother’s Day and know there’s so many of our DG families that have beautiful families and mom’s we cherish.  There’s also DG family who’ve lost their mom, child, aren’t mothers or want to play DG for Mother’s Day.  We’re inclusive.  
Arriving at the DG course there were a couple players warming up.  We were excited and hopeful. We saw someone who we’d played with before and he said he was there for the mini.  Our hearts began beating fast and we were thrilled!  We were a card of 3!  Three others ended up joining us. They too saw it online. Everyone was pleased to have something on Sunday. We talked about the next week as well. 
We completed the round in an hour and forty-five minutes. Wayne took the advanced category after a playoff.  Xavier won the novice division.  All putts matter.  No one hit an ace so our pot has been established.  Our event is out there and we’re hoping people are able to come this week.

Our first event was a success. It happened because we chose “Yes” in the moment.  We took a chance and made new friends.  I enjoyed Sunday tremendously. We were done by noon and off to fish!  Living in the moment. 
It feels good to be free. I’m grateful to live in the USA. 

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