Oh what a night!  As the title suggests, it all just kinda happened that way. 

On a Monday, while shooting the breeze about the upcoming Tuesday night league with The Southern Birdies founder, Catherine Leach, she realized her bag tags had not arrived as expected.  League was set to start the following day which she faced the dilemma to begin without tags or postpone the kick off night.  Ultimately, the decision was made to delay beginning the league and wait for the tags.  With this decision, we were left to plotting and planning our newly freed up Tuesday. 

We were discussing where we wanted to grab a round and the idea hit her.  She asked, “Would you want to make the trip to the Houston Flying Disc Society’s Tuesday night league and meet Greg Barsby, Henna Blomroos and Eveliina Salonen?”  My response was of course YES!!  How exciting it would be to meet the pro’s!  

We made our plans and stuck with them.  We made it to the course early and had time to meet them all.

The ladies were pleasant and it was a pleasure meeting them.  I asked about their USA tour and how many times they’ve been here and of course, I wanted to know if they’d been to Texas before.  Overall, it was a good chat and they were kind enough to each sign one of their signature discs.  

I was too shy or nervous to meet Gregg right out of the gate. I don’t know why I was star struck but I was.  Everyone, as in 102 players, began the mini at 5:30 pm. We ended up playing the last 2-3 holes in the dark. Luckily, I had 2 glow discs and an UV flashlight. After finishing the round my nerves calmed and I decided to walk over to meet Gregg.  What a pleasure it was talking with the 2018 Champion!  He was down to earth, funny and kind.  After pestering him for 10-15 minutes I thanked him for making the trip to Houston and wished him well. 

I love how the disc golf community has a relaxed pace. Every where I go, the feeling is the same, all are welcomed and encouraged.  I’m looking forward to many more fun times to come. 

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